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One and all; Welcome to the Feral Synapse.  Be free here and let your imagination soar.  There are no rules to thought, so let it run wild and untamed.  The storyteller here would like to take you on an amazing adventure, maybe more than one.  Strap in and hold on for an awesome ride.  This website is dedicated to you, the reader.  The goal is to keep you informed of the storyteller's intentions and updates of his goings on.  It is also a portal to some of the wild machinations within his feral thoughts. You may reach out to him via the contact page.  You may read through many of his thoughts as well as view some of his latest story ideas by visiting the blog page.  You can also get a closer glimpse of the man himself on the bio page.  Under the Works tab, you can find stories available for purchase.  Thank you for visiting; Now plop a squat and relax for the roller coaster ride.